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Yuji Kida <kida@rkmath.rikkyo.ac.jp>.

An extension of BASIC for symbolic mathematics and number theory.

UBASIC supports bignums, fractions, complex numbers, polynomials and integer factorisation. It runs under MS-DOS and is written in assembly language.

Latest version: 8.


[Review, W.D. Neumann, Notices of AMS 36 (May/June 1989)]

["A math-oriented high-precision BASIC", Notices of the A.M.S, 38 (Mar 1991)].
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A short UBASIC program was run for all numbers up to 1, 000, 000, and the counts were 78498 primes < 1, 000, 000; 587 members of SPDS < 1, 000, 000.
The approximate value for [pi] is denoted G in the UBASIC program listed below.
The estimated value for [pi] is denoted G in the self-explanatory UBASIC program listed below.