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Uniform Building Code (UBC)

1. A US national building code, prepared and issued by the International Conference of Building Code Officials, 5360 South Workman Mill Road, Whittier, CA 90601-2294. Also see BOCA National Building Code.
2. Any model code, similar to 1, of a country other than the US.
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UBC owns the Classic Gold analogue and digital stations which transmit in Wrexham and along the Welsh borders, and produces programmes for BBC radio.
The first time Mina Shum applied to UBC, she sent her application ransom-note style, with cut-out letters like the album cover of the Sex Pistols's Anarchy in the U.
Brooks, who is responsible for Alcan's UBC recycling and cansheet manufacturing operations in the U.
Hasegawa, accused of conspiring with an accountant and a tax accountant, allegedly embezzled some 110 million yen from UBC from March 1993 to August 1996 by making fictitious contracts between UBC and a dummy company created by Ishikawa, according to the petition.
The week before, for example, when he had tried to speak to his fellow UBC leader, Thich Huyen Quang, the police had detained him for five days in Central Vietnam.
The disposal of Lynx Content enables UBC to reduce overheads and generate cash, while the buyer will operate it at a reduced scale, Cole added.
Table-5 Mortar proportions and strength recommended by UBC
London-based UBC tested the new system using the digital version of Chrysalis-owned 100.
In 1962, Bartlett, then professor of chemistry at UBC, concocted a simple experiment that confirmed his suspicion that inert gases were chemically able to react.
Toope, 48, will step down as president of the Pierre Trudeau Elliott Foundation when he assumes his five-year post at UBC this summer.
A recent test of UBC students revealed most did not know the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates.