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He stressed that UBD was "not a branch campus" but rather another campus of the University of Birmingham.
Hasan Yuceer and Omer Necdet Aydemir) and a total staff of 45, UBD has a strong focus on tax consulting, VAT compliance and auditing, and also provides accounting, business consulting and internal audit services.
Jihad El Eit, founder and CEO, Man'oushe Street, said: "We are very upbeat with this new franchising agreement with UBD, which is reputed to be one of Qatar's leading restaurant management groups.
Dr Loutfi said: "The joint degree programme is working extremely well and the UBD students are a committed and enthusiastic group who have adjusted well to life in Cardiff and integrate well with the home students.
The machines allow UBD to increase accuracy, reduce cycle time and eliminate resource and material waste.
In 1950, I went to UBD for eight weeks, and stayed 15 years
Yet even this chosen rule is not applied consistently: Director of the Brunei History Centre, Mohamed Jamil al-Sufri bin Umar, becomes "JAMIL, Al-Sufri"; a UBD Head of Department (Bruneian), Ismail bin Duraman, becomes "DURAMAN, Ismail"; another (Malaysian), Mohammed Nor bin Che' Noh, "MOHAMMED, Nor Che Noh"; but assistant librarian Siti Hasnah Simanjuntak (Indonesian, using her husband's surname), features as "SIMANJUNTAK, S.
This year PAG will rely on its warehousing and distribution division, UBD, to pick, pack and ship more than 42 million books from its 312,000-square-foot operation in Melbourne.
5) UBD itself has provided one pathway to short-term residence, even occasional research, for foreigners.