UL Listed

UL Label

An identification affixed to a building material or component, with the authorization of Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., indicating that the labeled product: (a) has a rating based on the performance tests of such products; (b) is from a production lot found by examination to be made from materials and by processes essentially identical to those of representative products which have been subjected to appropriate fire, electrical hazard, or other tests for safety; and (c) is subject to the reexamination service of UL.
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2 Shall be 19 rack mountable and of 1U height & complete with all mounting accessories, UL listed 1.
David Beer, president and founder of YesterTec Design Company says, "The re-design project began as we realized that our supply chain of parts for our initial UL Listed controls was no longer available in the quantities we needed.
com)-- VERICOM, a global manufacturer of cable and cabling solutions based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is using the month of November to offer VERICOM Dual Shield UL Listed CM 1000 foot spools of coaxial cable, available in either black or white, in 1,000 foot pull boxes at reduced rates to stimulate growth in business sectors that use coaxial cable.
A combination of modern UL listed materials and patented cutting-edge technology combines for easy installation and reduced life cycle cost.
Each box is furnished with two closure plugs and mounting lugs and they are UL listed for wet and/or dry locations with appropriate covers.
It is UL listed under UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
Our company offers several models of battery-operated, plug-in, hardwired and combination CO/ smoke alarms--all UL listed, which means they provide the highest level of protection and accuracy.
All have a UL 125 C continuous-temperature rating and are UL listed as "60 C Oil Resistant.
All three Elexar products are said to be UL listed for 60 [degrees] C oil resistant applications, according to the manufacturer.
The knife beats up to 300F in under two minutes, is UL listed and includes a 11/16 in.
The FireGuard is a UL listed electronic device for measuring tension from a Class I Division I or 2 manufacturing area that connects to tension transducers and a tension display Installed in the hazardous area.
retailers will not sell products which are not UL listed.