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The other, Argentina, may see one next year as Irelandia Aviation - the Dublin-based investment firm that has established ULCCs like Ryanair in Europe and Allegiant Travel Co.
If the ULCC is a bastion of wealth and privilege, it has also proved through its membership and its members' activities that humble birth is no bar to success in Chicago and that noblesse oblige can be good for the city.
This was one of two ULCCs sold by Concordia Maritime with seller credit and Oceanic Trans Shipping will now repay the seller credit for this vessel to Concordia.
Challengers XI 104: (Ashraf 76) beat ULCC 98: (Anish 6 wkts) by 10 wkts.
The new purpose-built area will be able to accept ships up to ULCC size, as well as offshore rigs and support vessels.
Koch has booked the Dubai Titan, a ULCC, for storage in the US Gulf Coast.
Consilium is also to supply gas alarm systems for four ULCC tankers under construction at the Korean Daewoo shipyard for Greek shipowners.
Flair intends to make significant announcements early in 2018 about its expansion into Canada's ULCC market.
Diriyah League: Strikers 148: (Ahsanullah 4, Asif & Obaid 2 wkts each) beat Phoenix 150 for 7: (Noman 54, Asif 37; Ammar 3, Omar 2 wkts) by 3 wkts; Al Momen International School 167 for 5: (Akhtar & Harisha 2 wkts each) beat ULCC 166 for 7: (Harisha 68, Sarfraz 26) by 5 wkts.