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1. Christianity a distinctive form of liturgical or ritual observance, esp one that is traditional in a Church or group of Churches
2. the enjoyment of property, land, etc., by occupation or by deriving revenue or other benefit from it
3. Law the beneficial enjoyment of property the legal title to which is held by another person as trustee
4. Law an archaic word for trust
5. Philosophy logic linguistics the occurrence of an expression in such a context that it performs its own linguistic function rather than being itself referred to. In "Fido" refers to Fido, the name Fido is used only on the second occurrence, first being mentioned



(pol’zovanie), in law, one of the basic legal rights of a property owner. The right of use consists in the right to the productive or personal use of an object for the satisfaction of one’s needs and interests, depending on the nature of the object, for example, use of property or receipt of income from an object. Limits to use are set by law, contract, or other legal document, such as a will. Use is forbidden if it is detrimental to other individuals (abuse of the right). Legal use may be protected from infringement by various legal means, in particular, by bringing a suit for the elimination of impediments to use.


An early system on the IBM 1130.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16, May 1959].
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Unlike the Army National Guard, whose units are centrally located within a state, subordinate commands within the USAR are often geographically dispersed across several states or regions.
As Figure 2 shows, for every dollar the Army spends on an Active Component unit, it will spend the amount indicated for an ARNG or USAR unit of the same type.
The Army will benefit by capitalizing on the skill-rich characteristics of USAR Warrior Citizens.
Since DJMS-RC does not recognize transactions in the ARNG and USAR personnel systems, personnel data inputs that affect pay to Soldiers are not reflected in the DJMS-RC pay system.
The new complex will enable West Yorkshire's USAR team to train 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Both USAR and ARNG have plans to transform their forces and management to meet new demands.
The lives of people around the world depend on the Army Reserve having access to the right information at the right time," says Wanda Dickinson, chief of record management branch of the USAR Office of the Chief Information Officer.
Under this Total Engineering and Integration Services (TEIS) task order, STG will engineer, furnish, install, and test SIPRNet cafes at USAR facilities within the continental United States and Puerto Rico.
The Punjab home secretary notified a committee to purchase latest machinery and equipment for the USAR teams in Lahore and Rawalpindi.
In this regard, induction process for recruiting USAR teams (each consisting of 50 members) for Division Lahore and Rawalpindi has been started by publishing recruitment advertisement in leading newspapers.
Of 15 available CBRN battalions, only five belong to the Regular Army, while eight belong to the USAR and two belong to the ARNG.