USB charger

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USB charger

A power adapter that generates the 5 volt DC standard required by USB. The amperage varies, typically from .07A to 2.4A. The charger plugs into an AC outlet, and a USB cable plugs into the charger. USB ports on computers have an upper limit of 500 milliamps; however, USB chargers that come with cellphones and other devices handle one or more amps. The devices sense when they are connected to a computer versus the charger and regulate their current draw. See power adapter.

USB Chargers
USB chargers connect to the cable via a Type A USB socket. Geared to the device, the cable typically has a Mini USB or Micro USB plug at the other end. See USB.

What's Inside
Open up a typical charger and you find a couple of chips and several discrete components.

Chargers Are Everywhere
Passengers can charge their devices by plugging them into this USB port on the back of the seat in front of them.
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The CES Innovations award-winning DualPin(TM) (iAD610) is a dual port USB charger designed exclusively for automobiles.
Key innovations added to the line-up in 2011 include the introduction of the 1800mAh Portable USB Charger, providing advanced performance that delivers up to five hours extra talktime (1).
3-A single input USB charger, and its internal regulators deliver approximately half the total current relative to DA9053.
With ultra-thin solar panels for trim and a USB charger tucked into the waist, the Southwest-inspired garment captures the sun's rays to charge Mobil phones and other handheld devices.
The battery pack has optimized circuitry that allows for faster charging times from a computer or standard USB charger.
Hinestroza's student, Abbey Liebman, was inspired by the technology enough to design a dress that actually uses flexible solar cells to power small electronics from a USB charger located in the waist.
Battery manufacturer Energizer Holdings Inc (NYSE: ENR) Friday announced that it is withdrawing from sale its Duo Charger (Model CHUSB), sold in the US and its USB Charger, sold in Latin America, after it received notification from the CERT Coordination Centre that Windows software associated with these products and supplied by Energizer via download from its site contains a backdoor trojan which renders an infected computer vulnerable to external control.
The unit comes with a USB charger that doubles as a data link.
The USB charger port allows users to easily charge two additional mobile devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs (USB charging cables are sold separately).
Leviton announced the most powerful addition to its line of USB Charger Devices.
It can also be used with a wall mounted USB charger.