Universal Serial Bus

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universal serial bus

[‚yü·nə‚vər·səl ‚sir·ē·əl ′bəs]
(computer science)
A serial interface that can transfer data at up to 480 million bits per second and connect up to 127 daisy-chained peripheral devices. Abbreviated USB.

Universal Serial Bus

(hardware, standard)
(USB) An external peripheral interface standard for communication between a computer and external peripherals over an inexpensive cable using biserial transmission.

USB is intended to replace existing serial ports, parallel ports, keyboard, and monitor connectors and be used with keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, and possibly some low-speed scanners and removable hard drives. For faster devices existing IDE, SCSI, or emerging FC-AL or FireWire interfaces can be used.

USB works at 12 Mbps with specific consideration for low cost peripherals. It supports up to 127 devices and both isochronous and asynchronous data transfers. Cables can be up to five metres long and it includes built-in power distribution for low power devices. It supports daisy chaining through a tiered star multidrop topology. A USB cable has a rectangular "Type A" plug at the computer end and a square "Type B" plug at the peripheral end.

Before March 1996 Intel started to integrate the necessary logic into PC chip sets and encourage other manufacturers to do likewise. It was widely available by 1997. Later versions of Windows 95 included support for it. It was standard on Macintosh computers in 1999.

The USB 2.0 specification was released in 2000 to allow USB to compete with Firewire etc. USB 2.0 is backward compatible with USB 1.1 but works at 480 Mbps.

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The drive is connected via a Turbo USB connection which is supposed to be up to 25% faster than a standard USB connection, and the supplied software can automatically backup data from a PC onto the drive and also to Fabrik's Ultimate Backup on-line servers.
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Status LEDs to display I/O activity and USB connection information, simplifying installation and troubleshooting.
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5mm audio (mic, line out) ports that can be accessed using a single USB connection from the host computer.