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see Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR), Rus. Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik, former republic. It was established in 1922 and dissolved in 1991. The Soviet Union was the first state to be based on Marxist socialism (see also Marxism; communism).
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Unlike Obama who is scared of offending the mullahs, Reagan had no qualms about calling the USSR The Evil Empire and castigating its leaders on issues of freedom and human rights.
Y Gem Gudd: Llanelli v USSR is |on S4C at 9pm tonight.
Putin, a former KGB man, considers the fall of the USSR as a "grave injustice".
During the Great Terror period in the USSR there were cases of whole nationalities being destroyed.
Only after Germany eventually invaded the USSR and Japan bombed Pearl Harbor were they forced to join a common cause.
Peace talks in Paris in 1960 collapsed after the USSR shot down a US spy plane over its air space.
Firefighters from EMERCOM and Hockey Club Legends of USSR came to NYC to participate in two charitable hockey games and to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11.
The paintings on the gallery walls provide windows into '60s mass culture in the USSR via Grig's culling and reworking photographs from illustrated magazines and using the graphics of period neon signs.
Former Wolesi Jirga member from southern Kandahar province and a senior official of the Soviet-backed government Noorul Haq Alumi said the West, particularly the US, had played a key role in encouraging the aggressve act and the USSR breakup.
Born today Chris de Burgh, Irish singer and songwriter, 63; Tito Jackson, American musician, 58; Sarah, Duchess of York, 52, pictured; Didier Deschamps, French footballer, 43; Dominic West, British actor, 42; Holly Montag, American reality TV personality, 28 1964: Khrushchev 'retires' as head of USSR Nikita Khrushchev has unexpectedly stepped down as leader of the Soviet Union.
brings to light the hitherto classified dimensions of the relationship between China, the USSR and other communist allies during the Cold War.
The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany was exactly what it said it was and not a treaty of mutual assistance.