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Collaborating with UTRC Ireland in the program are: UTRC's Advanced Laboratory for Embedded Systems Srl (ALES) in Rome, Italy; UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS); and German companies dSPACE and ITI.
Lawler exits UTRC to tour "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" to London's West End, winning the Evening Standards best play award.
UTRC's marketing function is best described as one of trying to find potential licensees, putting them in touch with the inventors, stepping out of the picture while discussions between the scientists take place and then stepping back in to try to negotiate reasonable licensing terms that reflect the value of the technology (given its state of development) and the potential benefits to both UTRC and the licensee.
3 The chemical/biological building protection tool (CBT) developed by UTRC (2004) is a "user-friendly" interactive program that gives a measure of the building's risk and vulnerability, makes recommendations for improvement, shows the effects of those improvements, and allows for a preliminary economic analysis.
The UTRC originall developed this type of fiber optic to be embedded in composite materials for "smart structure" applications, such as a wavelength control device for fiber lasers and laser diodes and as a wavelength filter in communications applications.
mechanical design features (fresh outdoor air intakes, HVAC mechanical room, HVAC unit), interior security measures, personnel security, evacuation, shelter in place, purging, emergency personnel BVAMP-LBNL Java Emergency response, HVAC 114 114 program systems, building access, HVAC controls FEMA MS Word Site, architectural, 341 80 structural, envelope, utility systems, HVAC, plumbing and gas systems, electrical systems, fire alarm systems, communication and IT, equipment O&M, security systems CBT- UTRC Visual Physical security, 60 60 Basic building configuration, monitoring, HVAC, training and communication, air intake design
Chemical/Biological Building Protection Tool (CBT), developed by UTRC (CBT 2004), is meant as a screening tool to evaluate overall vulnerability of a particular building or facility in terms of physical (IAQ, etc.
UTRC was one of eight companies who was presented a total of $3 million from the U.
The ceremony, held June 5, also recognized Peter Smith, vice president, Engineering, UTC Aerospace Systems; and United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) scientists Eric Amis, director, UTRC Physical Sciences Department; and Meredith Colket, UTRC senior fellow, Combustion.