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A popular Linux distribution that is noted for its ease of installation and use. Based on the Debian version of Linux and introduced in 2004, Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., London and Montreal (www.canonical.com). Packaged with a variety of open source applications, including Firefox and Apache OpenOffice, Ubuntu also comes pre-installed on laptops, desktops and servers. For example, System76 (www.system76.com) has been selling Ubuntu machines since 2005, and Dell introduced Ubuntu laptops in 2007.

Ubuntu can also be run from a CD, which enables the OS and applications to be tested in a particular computer before being installed (see LiveCD).

Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu Variations
Ubuntu comes with the GNOME desktop, but "Kubuntu" is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop. "Edubuntu" includes extra applications for setting up a classroom, and "Xubuntu" is a more efficient version for low-powered machines. Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop rather than GNOME or KDE.

From the Zulu and Xhosa Philosophy
The name Ubuntu comes from the African Zulu and Xhosa cultures, which espouse the concept that we derive our individuality from all people: "We are what we are because of everyone else." Nelson Mandela's father was a Xhosa chief. For more information, visit www.ubuntu.com. See Linux, Debian and Linspire.

A Ubuntu Laptop
In 2005, System76 was the first hardware vendor to offer packaged Ubuntu laptops, desktops and servers. This laptop came with a variety of applications that people use all the time. (Image courtesy of System76, www.system76.com)
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Canonical's Ubuntu is a market leading Linux distribution, which many of our customers leverage to create their public and private clouds," said Eric Carmes, CEO and Founder of 6WIND.
But Canonical has reported a security exploit against its new Ubuntu OS for phones which shows that the mobile open source security scene may be more complicated.
Part 2 explores the church leader's vision of ubuntu linked with liberation theology, identifying the corresponding issues of power and management that limit implementation.
The disability scholar, Hunt (1966) would say that albinism reflects to the community to their own vulnerability and I would argue it is this interaction which elicits condemnation and fear within the Ubuntu community.
With the Arkeia Network Backup Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu, Arkeia Software makes a significant commitment to the Ubuntu user community and supports Ubuntu's ongoing growth in the enterprise.
SpikeSource will become a reseller of Canonical Global Support Services for Ubuntu, and will eventually fully integrate the Ubuntu distribution into its SpikeIgnited solutions.
According to the most recent OpenStack Foundation global survey, Ubuntu is the most popular host and guest operating system for OpenStack, with more than half of all OpenStack instances running Ubuntu, and 70 percent of the public cloud guest operating system market.
Flashing Ubuntu OS will erase everything stored on the device.
Tempels generated his racist remarks by distorting Ubuntu philosophy and making it seem like Black people could not distinguish between White people and Gods.
Beginning with an overview of testing out Ubuntu with a "live" CD, the work covers topics such as Internet and networking features, application installation, files and disks, Linux command line basics, printing and peripherals, multimedia and external devices, gaming, community resources, and troubleshooting.
According to the company, the Eee PC with Ubuntu is suitable both for consumers and businesses.
Boss Chris Kenyon has revealed the rm are working on a version of Ubuntu specially designed for tablet PCs, which could be coming our way in early 2011.