(Coal), a monthly scientific and industrial journal of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR and the Central Board of the Scientific and Technical Mining Society. The journal was first published in Kharkov in 1925 as Ugol’ i zhelezo (Coal and Iron) and was given the title Ugol’ in 1930. It has been published in Moscow since 1938.

Ugol’ carries articles on major aspects of the exploitation of coal deposits, explains advances in mining science and technology, and examines questions of the quality of coals, coal processing, mine surveying, mining geology, safety measures, industrial hygiene, and environmental protection. It also discusses problems of, for example, economics, management, and organization of production and labor in the coal industry. Circulation, 18,500 (1976).

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2018: Ugol Rossii & Mining, Novokuznetsk, Russia.
Company director Will Crawford said a visit to the Ugol Rossi Mining Show in Novokuznetsk in June enabled them to explore opportunities in the mining sector in Russia.
Este mismo ritual se efectua en casa [2], donde cada familia tiene uno, o varios iconos, en un iconostasio conocido como el <<hermoso rincon>>--conocido como kransy ugol en ruso--y rezan varias oraciones a lo largo del dia.
We doubt that SDS Ugol is able to make such a pricy acquisition, as Ras- padskaya CEO Gennady Kozovoy wants a cash-only deal.
Although some of the victims have been released on bail, Ukel and Garang Chol Ugol Ludo have been denied bail by the orders of the two generals till after elections, he said.
She will report to Marc Ugol, senior vice president of Human Resources.
All the coal is produced by Ugol and 97% of its output comes from the Angren lignite field in Tashkent region.
In his collection of three detective novellas Ne zagoniaite v ugol prokurora (Don't Back the District Attorney into a Corner) he presents two of them: Inspector Frize (in the title story) and Inspector Panin (in "Tretii Dubl" [The Third Double]): both are hard-working, hard-nosed, and neurotic (a characteristic of most detectives ever since Dostoevsky's Porfiry Petrovitch), with women and/or family problems.
JUNE 7-10, 2016: Ugol Rossii Mining 2016, Kuzbass Fair Exhibition Center, Novokuznetsk, Russia.
UAL Corporation (Nasdaq:UAUA), the parent company of United Airlines, has named Marc Ugol as the company's senior vice president of Human Resources.