see Victoria, LakeVictoria, Lake,
or Victoria Nyanza
, largest lake of Africa and the world's second largest freshwater lake, c.26,830 sq mi (69,490 sq km), E central Africa, on the Uganda-Tanzania-Kenya border. Lake Victoria (c.255 mi/410 km long and c.
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, Africa.
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Whilst our seven years of support to the people on the island of Ukerewe in Tanzania has had some tangible effects, the challenges of the people far exceed our ability to solve.
Restoring dignity: Social reintegration after obstetric fistula repair in Ukerewe, Tanzania.
They discovered their unhappy situation while helping one of the country's poorest communities on the island of Ukerewe in Lake Victoria, which has one of the largest populations of albino residents in the country.
The peninsula almost reaches out to the Ukerewe islands, which has a small paradise of banana trees, lush greenery, where the Tanzanian writer Aniceti Kitereza (1896-1981) set the stage for his long novel, Myombekere.
Le village de Gallu fut bati sur l'ile Ukerewe en 1963 a titre de << projet d'etablissement >>, avant que le pays s'engage dans un developpement socialiste.
Lake Ukerewe (Victoria), in the center, is the largest (26,641 [mi.
April 13, 1944, Ukerewe, Tanganyika [now in Tanzania])
This is the fifth project organised by Rotarians from the United Kingdom and Sweden to help the people of Ukerewe.
Retired surgeon John Philip and his wife Chris have just returned to UKEREWE, an isolated island in LaKe Victoria.
2], (divided into eight districts at the time of the study namely Ukerewe, Magu, Sengerema, Kwimba, Nyamagana, Geita, Misungwi and Ilemela).
Lake Ukerewe (Lake Victoria) is one of the centers of speciation of the cichlid fish of the genus Haplochromis, and of the 123 species recorded in studies in 1978-1979, about 80 are thought to have been lost by the late 1980s, owing to pressure from the Nile perch (Lates niloticus), introduced for fishing purposes (see photo 253 and caption).
Retired surgeon John Philip and his wife Chris are on their fourth mission to UKerewe, an isolated island in LaKe Victoria where many of the 350,000 people inhabitants have no electricity or safe DRINKING water.