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see MutareMutare
, formerly Umtali
, city (1992 est. pop. 131,400), E Zimbabwe, near the Mozambique border. Mutare is the commercial center for a rich agricultural and gold-mining region.
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, Zimbabwe.



a city in the eastern part of Southern Rhodesia, on the railroad line between Salisbury and Beira (Mozambique). Population, 46,000 (1973, including suburbs). Umtali is the commercial center of an agricultural and mining region. Industry includes canning, the assembly of motor vehicles, and the manufacture of textiles and wearing apparel.

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The main towns are better covered, and it is clear that smaller outstations such as Marandellas, Umtali and Enkeldoorn (which matter in this discussion) frequently `forgot' to report the deaths of the `outsiders' passing through Rhodesian territory towards South Africa.
Of particular importance here is the letter which clearly indicates that Brent was buried in Umtali and not Marandellas as most records indicate -- another example of reporting from the RFF headquarters being erroneously taken as place of death.
His main influence was in the area between Rusape and Umtali.
Leaving the Portuguese, the mosquitoes, flies and fevers behind without regret we boarded the famous Beira railway, which had cost hundreds of lives to construct, and halted at Umtali in Northern Rhodesia.
One of the first concrete steps toward establishing a co-operative was taken in 1933 by a group representing the relatively well-to-do African farmers in a |Native Purchase Area' within the Umtali district.
It was here that his activities become of special interest to the KwaZuluNatal Museum, for here Wood occupied much of his time collecting sea shells, building up an important and well documented collection that he eventually donated to the Umtali [now Mutare] Museum in Zimbabwe and which, through exchange, is now incorporated into the KwaZulu-Natal Museum's Mollusca collection.