Underwater Archaeology

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Archaeology, Underwater


the investigation of ancient and medieval remains located in seas, rivers, and lakes. The remains include sunken ships as well as settlements or burial grounds that were inundated as a result of a changed shoreline, an earthquake, or some other natural phenomenon. Underwater archaeology originated in the early 20th century, and operations were carried out by divers working from special vessels. Beginning in the mid-20th century, underwater operations by archaeological specialists outfitted with lightweight diving equipment acquired increasing importance.


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This will help build a foundation for studies on Qatar's marine history and underwater archaeology.
He pointed out that the project has provided a wonderful opportunity in the area of national capacity building in terms of training the Omani national team at all relevant areas to underwater archaeology excavation.
And this summer a Russian expedition began a major underwater archaeology survey off Crimea's Sevastopol, a region rich in oil and gas.
China's National Museum established its Underwater Archaeology Center the following year and appointed Mr.
The ministry has taken some steps towards underwater archaeology," said Culture Ministry archaeologist-in-charge Salman Al Mahari.
The manuscripts were handed in the officials from The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Underwater Archaeology Museum.
This robot which is essentially an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is ready for applications, as it can be programmed to perform specific functions, for example, for underwater archaeology such as exploring nooks and corners of wreckage-or sunken city which are difficult for divers or traditional AUVs to access.
After coming to that realization and taking an underwater archaeology seminar in Alpena in 2003, I started attending MUPC meetings to join the fight to preserve these resources.
Underwater Archaeology Talk - Underwater archaeologist Nicolle Hirschfeld will give a free illustrated talk on "Living Low on the High Seas of the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean" at 6 p.
He said: "I am excited about doing anything that supports underwater archaeology because there is still so much to be found.
Alexandria, with its underwater archaeology and archaeological park, was founded by Alexander the Great in 331BC and soon became the new capital of Egypt.
4), with distinct branches of maritime archaeology (the archaeology of people of maritime cultures), nautical archaeology (the archaeology of ships and watercraft), coastal archaeology (the archaeology of people who lived in coastal zones whether the sites are now above water, underwater, or partly submerged), underwater archaeology (the study of any submerged sites e.

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