Uniform Naming Convention

Uniform Naming Convention

(UNC) Used in IBM PC networking to completely specify a directory on a file server.

The basic format is:


where "servername" is the hostname of a network file server, and "sharename" is the name of a networked or shared directory. Note this is not the same as the conventional MS-DOS "C:\windows" directory name. E.g.


might be set up to point to


on a server called "server1".

It is possible to execute a program using this convention without having to specifically link a drive, by running:


The undocumented DOS command, TRUENAME can be used to find out the UNC name of a file or directory on a network drive.
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Among recommendations to facilitate a more realistic approach, the state associations asked the federal government to extend the compliance deadline; provide the funds necessary to comply; provide the necessary federal electronic verification systems; require states to employ electronic verification systems only as they become available; implement a 10-year reenrollment schedule; adopt uniform naming conventions to facilitate electronic verification between files; allow reciprocity for persons already vetted by the federal government; establish card security based on performance--not technology; and grant the Secretary of Homeland Security the flexibility to recognize innovation at the state level.

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