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in mathematics, the representation of a multiple-valued analytic function in terms of single-valued analytic functions of a parameter. For example, the two-valued function defined by the equation z2 + w2 = 1 can be uniformized by means of the pair of single-valued functions of the parameter t:

or the pair

z = sin t, w = cos t

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The dialogue with the consular representatives is an extremely useful approach to establishing unitary practices in the field of activity, and the uniformization of the specific services at the consular network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs defines a permanent concern of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the objective of continuously adapting the consular activity to European standards and exigencies in the field.
Comparison must not have a unifying but a multiplying effect: it must aim to organize the diversity of discourses around different (cultural) forms and counter the tendency of the mind toward uniformization.
To further support our argument, our final example draws on the Uniformization Theorem, a major turning point in the early development of topology.
Uniformization of Riemann Surfaces: Revisiting a Hundred-Year-Old Theorem
These standards would enable uniformization at different levels: from a common data model to common communications protocols and network management algorithms, by domain, all the way to common 'parts' (i.
As legal uniformization of procedures was underway in the European Economic Community, the Portuguese regulation on mergers dating from the old 1888 commercial code was considered to be insufficient, in spite of Portugal's participation in the EFTA and not in the European customs union.
As in the past the effective method of implementing the text contained in the Article 281 generated a controversy in literature and led to a non-unitary judicial praxis (Kadar, 2011: 10-20), we agree that the legislator's intervention on this Article is not unfortunately made to lead to the settlement of the indoctrinating discrepancies and to an uniformization of the courts' praxis.
The Uniformization theorem implies that the metric is conformally equivalent to the standard metric over [S.
Such a budget can be used for funding different actions that would eliminate asymmetric shocks of both real and financial nature, this enhanced uniformization enabling superior financial health of Member States and the promotion of a more efficient monetary policy.
P16INK4a immunocyto chemistry/immunohistochemistry: need for scoring uniformization to be clinically useful in gynecological pathology.