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voluntary association


voluntary organization

any organization (political parties, recreational clubs, etc.) where membership is optional and not a standard requirement of membership of a particular society. As Pickvance (1986) states, there is general agreement that voluntary associations are not institutions in the sense of social structures devised to organize action in the main areas of social life, such as firms, schools, governments’. Pickvance also identifies four further usual criteria in both common-sense and sociological definitions of voluntary associations:
  1. non-commercial orientation;
  2. they are public organizations in the sense that, formally at least, access is open to all;
  3. they are formally constituted organizations, often with an elected administration;
  4. they are nonstatutory, not established by law.

In the USA especially, voluntary associations have been widely identified as playing an indispensable role in the maintenance of STABLE DEMOCRACY, as fostering a participatory POLITICAL CULTURE and providing a training ground for political leaders. See also INTERMEDIATE (OR SECONDARY) GROUPS.

A renewed emphasis is being placed on voluntary and ‘third sector’ activity -including new partnerships with the state -in the less state-centred politics of the THIRD WAY. see also CIVIC ENTREPRENEUR.

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Mr Khalfe added: "Further, due to Arya Samaj being an unincorporated association, the members of the executive committee in position at the time of the wrongful dismissal will be liable personally for the damages awarded and legal costs.
15) The court stated that Lloyd's, like any other unincorporated association, must count the citizenship of each of its underwriters in order to meet the complete diversity requirement of 28 U.
They are voluntary, unincorporated associations of individuals.
any individual acting on behalf of a corporation, unincorporated association, trade union or partnership
Whether a charity should incorporate or operate as an unincorporated association depends on its individual facts and circumstances.
Thus ICEL (International Commission of English in the Liturgy) was born, October 17, 1963, as an unincorporated association of bishops.
The Russel Creek Neighbors is an unincorporated association comprising not just neighbors adjacent to the proposed site for a new Armed Forces Reserve Center at McVay Highway and 30th Avenue, but students and faculty at Lane Community College, members from other neighborhood groups, and members of the community at large.
EGA is an informal, unincorporated association of some 200 foundations and donor programs.
The Party does not pay tax as an individual OR as a company OR as an unincorporated association OR as the trustee of a discretionary trust.
An LLC is an unincorporated association organized under a state law that enjoys the tax advantages provided a partnership and much of the liability protection afforded a corporation.
An LLC is an unincorporated association created under the state law that combines the limited liability protection of a corporation and pass-through treatment of a partnership.
For example, an insurance company was formed as an unincorporated association to establish a group self-insured workers' compensation program under a particular state's laws.