Union of Youth

Union of Youth


a Russian artistic association that existed from 1909 to 1917 in St. Petersburg. The Union of Youth was founded by L. I. Zheverzheev, I. S. Shkol’nik, and E. K. Spandi-kov; its charter was ratified in 1910. The association did not have a definite program, but instead its members and the sponsors of its exhibitions adhered to various artistic trends, including symbolism, Cézannism, cubism, futurism, and abstract art.

Members of the Union of Youth included Iu. P. Annenkov, N. I. Al’tman, D. D. Burliuk, N. I. Kul’bin, I. A. Puni, O. V. Rozanova, V. E. Tatlin, P. N. Filonov, N. A. Udal’tsova, M. Chagall, and A. A. Ekster. Members of the Jack of Diamonds and the Donkey’s Tail participated in the association’s exhibitions. The Union of Youth had close ties with the futurist literary group Gileia, which was headed by Burliuk and V. V. Mayakovsky. The association organized seven exhibitions and published the theoretical collection Soiuz molodezhi (Union of Youth; four issues, 1912–13).


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