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Union party,

in American history.

1 Coalition of Republicans and War Democrats in the election of 1864. Abraham Lincoln was renominated for President with Andrew Johnson, the Democratic war governor of Tennessee, as his running mate. The Union party was hardly more than a name; very few Democrats were attracted, and the party reverted to its Republican designation in 1868.

2 In 1936 various radical groups discontented with the New Deal formed the Union party at a convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Father Charles E. CoughlinCoughlin, Charles Edward
, 1891–1979, Roman Catholic priest in the United States, b. Ontario, Canada, grad. Univ. of Toronto, 1916. After study at St. Michael's College, Toronto, he was ordained (1916) and became (1926) pastor of the Shrine of the Little Flower at Royal
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, Dr. Francis E. TownsendTownsend, Francis Everett
, 1867–1960, American reformer, leader of an old-age pension movement, b. Fairbury, Ill., grad. Univ. of Nebraska medical school, 1903. He practiced medicine in several Western states before he settled (1919) at Long Beach, Calif.
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, and Gerald L. K. Smith, who had succeeded the recently assassinated Huey Long as the leader of the Share-the-Wealth movement, were the prime movers in the new party. William Lemke, a Republican congressman from North Dakota, was put forward as presidential nominee, and Thomas C. O'Brien of Boston, a labor lawyer, was nominated for Vice President. Although some believed that the Union ticket might deprive Franklin Delano Roosevelt of many normally Democratic votes, Lemke failed to get on the ballot in many states and polled only 882,000 votes. The strange coalition that had created the Union party fell apart immediately, and the party disappeared.


See D. H. Bennett, Demagogues in the Depression (1969).

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Erdogan also accused the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) of "ethnic cleansing" in his interview.
They planned this operation together," he said, referring to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), ISIS, Syria's state-controlled military intelligence service and Syria's Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).
If I remember rightly, we have sent more than 5,000 or 5,500 back from Austria, especially to Bulgaria and Romania among others," Mikl-Leitner told journalists at a meeting in Germany of the Christian Social Union party on Thursday, according to Reuters.
The Kurdistan region is witnessing a political crisis for the end of the mandate of the region's President, Massoud Barzani, after two full years and rejection of the Patriotic Union party, Change , Union and the Islamic the acceptance of renewing of the mandate of Barzani.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The leader of Syria's main Kurdish political body, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo in a move to bolster his party's international standing.
top aides and members of her Christian Democratic Union party to
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Haaretz Israeli newspaper on Thursday published report saying that The Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, has been mediating between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog to bring the latter's Zionist Union party into the government.
Polls predict a tight race between the Likud party of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the center-left Zionist Union party led by Isaac Herzog.
The priest presiding over Mass made an elegiac call for solidarity as members of the Syriac Union Party, a political entity representing Assyrians in Lebanon, stood outside the church gate collecting donations meant for families fleeing the carnage in northern Syria.
He handed the tourism and sports ministries to the Free Patriotic Union party of businessman Slim Riahi, which holds 13 seats, and others to independents.
11 (SUNA) Professor Fatima Abdul-Mahmoud has announced her intention to stand for the Presidency of the Republic, on behalf of the Socialist Union Party, in the upcoming elections .

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