Unitary Matrix

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unitary matrix

[′yü·nə‚ter·ē ′mā·triks]
A matrix whose inverse is equal to the complex conjugate of its transpose.

Unitary Matrix


A unitary matrix of order n is an n × n matrix [uik] with complex entries such that the product of [uik] and its conjugate transpose [ūki] is the identity matrix E. The elements of a unitary matrix satisfy the relations

The unitary matrices of order n form a group under multiplication. A unitary matrix with real entries is an orthogonal matrix.

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1), we form [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] partitioned analogously and let V be a unitary matrix such that
Each transition matrix of P' can be converted to a (2n + 4) x (2n + 4)-dimensional unitary matrix according to this template.
N] and the set of all unitary matrix functions by U[M.
This expression that determines the [G] matrix is ambiguously even if we assume that it should be close to unitary matrix and mode shape changes should be as small as possible.
One may generalize the QRW, replacing U [square root of 1/2] by any unitary matrix U.
It can be shown that such a transformation defined by unitary matrix [U.
Note that each DSTBC code applied has to be an orthogonal unitary matrix.
This project began with a request from Alan Edelman [14] for fast code to compute the eigenvalues of a unitary matrix.
To obtain even more precise results, the matrix of average temperature was multiplied by a unitary matrix, and provided four new weather variables, of which three are statistically significant.
More generally it is possible to factor an arbitrary unitary matrix Q [member of] [C.
The unitary matrix does not hold the power constraints if the number of streams is not equal to M.