United Arab Republic

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United Arab Republic,

political union (1958–61) of EgyptEgypt
, Arab. Misr, biblical Mizraim, officially Arab Republic of Egypt, republic (2005 est. pop. 77,506,000), 386,659 sq mi (1,001,449 sq km), NE Africa and SW Asia.
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 and SyriaSyria
, officially Syrian Arab Republic, republic (2005 est. pop. 18,449,000), 71,467 sq mi (185,100 sq km), W Asia. It borders on Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea in the west, on Turkey in the northwest and north, on Iraq in the east and south, and on Jordan and Israel in the
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. The capital was Cairo. The two countries were merged (1958) into a single unit comprising the Southern (Egypt) and the Northern (Syria) Regions, with Gamal Abdal NasserNasser, Gamal Abdal
, 1918–70, Egyptian army officer and political leader, first president of the republic of Egypt (1956–70). A revolutionary since youth, he was wounded by the police and expelled (1935) from secondary school in Cairo for leading an anti-British
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 as president. As an initial step toward creating a pan-Arab union, the republic abolished Syrian and Egyptian citizenship, termed its inhabitants Arabs, and called the country "Arab territory." It considered the Arab homeland to be the entire area between the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic coast. With Yemen (North Yemen), it formed (1958) a loose federation called the United Arab States. In 1961, Syria withdrew from the union after a military coup, and Yemen soon followed, thus ending the union. Egypt continued to use the name until 1971.

United Arab Republic


the official name of a unified state comprising Egypt and Syria that existed from February 1958 to September 1961. From Sept. 28, 1961, to Sept. 11, 1971, it was the official name of Egypt, which was later renamed the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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Plans had been made, the court was told, for a 'Liberation Army' to enter Iraq from the United Arab Republic.
The Ba'thi coups in Iraq, on 8 February 1963, and in Syria, on 8 March, paved the way for unity talks between Egypt, Syria, and Iraq culminating in the proclamation of a new United Arab Republic on 17 April.
He was succeeded by al-Quwatli in 1955 who in 1958 led Syria to the union with Egypt, the United Arab Republic (UAR) under the Presidency of Gamal Abdul Nasser.
The National Union was extended to Syria upon the founding of the United Arab Republic (the union of Egypt and Syria) in February 1958.
Summary: A video circulating online shows late Shaikh Rashid on an official visit to the United Arab Republic in Cairo
Championing calls for Arab unity, in 1958 Nasser merged Egypt and Syria, forming the United Arab Republic.
Borrowing its title from the name of a sovereign union agreement between Egypt and Syria in the late fifties, the research-based project explores perceptions of Nasser, former president of Egypt and the United Arab Republic, as the hero and the anti-hero, and examines the dichotomy between his promises and failures.
Championing calls for Arab unity, in 1958 Nasser merged Egypt and Syria forming the United Arab Republic.
Abdelatty pointed out that Egypt and Syria used to be one nation during the reign of Gamal Abdel Nasser as the United Arab Republic from 1958 to 1961.
Al Za'im triggered a series of coups and counter-coups that rocked the young republic throughout the 1950s and 1960s - until Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser, who had become a household name in Damascus after the Suez War, merged Syria and Egypt in 1958 to form the United Arab Republic (UAR).

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