United Empire Loyalists

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United Empire Loyalists,

in Canadian history, name applied to those settlers who, loyal to the British cause in the American Revolution, migrated from the Thirteen Colonies to Canada. Some emigrated during the Revolution, but the greatest number left the colonies in 1783–84, after the Treaty of Paris had failed to make adequate provision for the LoyalistsLoyalists,
in the American Revolution, colonials who adhered to the British cause. The patriots referred to them as Tories. Although Loyalists were found in all social classes and occupations, a disproportionately large number were engaged in commerce and the professions, or
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. Numbers estimated at up to 50,000 went to British North America—principally to Nova Scotia and Quebec. In Nova Scotia, so many settled north of the Bay of Fundy that this region was separated from Nova Scotia and organized as the province of New Brunswick in 1784. Others, flocking to the region north of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, were numerous enough to cause the creation (1791) of Upper Canada (Ontario).


See studies by W. S. Wallace (1914, repr. 1972) and A. G. Bradley (1932, repr. 1972).

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The Irish outnumbered the United Empire Loyalists, who by the 1830s dominated the social and political life of the colonies.
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The goal of the Hamilton Branch Loyalist Burial Plaquing Committee was to honour, celebrate and remember those original United Empire Loyalists who are buried in the Hamilton area.
In 1927, a brass plaque listing the names of the founders of the Settlement, and designating them as United Empire Loyalists, was affixed to a large boulder on the property, known locally as the "English cemetery.
Reflecting on this whole story, it is heartening to think of an almost totally French-speaking community in rural Quebec, where few, if any, anglophone inhabitants remain today, caring enough, for all these many years, for a now-abandoned Protestant cemetery and a monument to United Empire Loyalists, who were of a different language and religious denomination.
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