Universal Disk Format

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Universal Disk Format

(storage, standard)
(UDF) A CD-ROM file system standard that is required for DVD ROMs. UDF is the OSTA's replacement for the ISO 9660 file system used on CD-ROMs, but will be mostly used on DVD. DVD multimedia disks use UDF to contain MPEG audio and video streams.

To read DVDs you need a DVD drive, the kernel driver for the drive, MPEG video support, and a UDF driver. DVDs containing both UDF filesystems and ISO 9660 filesystems can be read without UDF support.

UDF can also be used by CD-R and CD-RW recorders in packet writing mode.
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Since Windows XP supports the Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system, Acronis True Image can take advantage of this file system and create images via the UDF.
SimpliCD-ReWrite -- This module includes a Universal Disk Format (UDF) read/write device driver with defect management to allow CD-RW discs to be used like floppy disks, with random and incremental writing and erasing.
OSTA recently announced its adoption of the Universal Disk Format (UDF), primarily for CD-Recordable optical media.
has entered a partnership with Micro Design International (MDI) for development of new products that support the Universal Disk Format (UDF) for removable media data storage.
OSTA also gets the credit for the specifications of the Universal Disk Format.
Additionally, the Linux IQCopy Option now supports the Universal Disk Format (UDF) File System and QNX O/S System.
As a result, the organization accepted the Universal Disk Format (UDF) and MicroUDF file system developed by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA).
This latest version of SmartCD, which incorporates Universal Disk Format (UDF) standards, variable packet writing, and DVD and Macintosh support, makes the function of storing and retrieving data on CD and DVD similar to using a networked hard disk.
We are pleased with the Court's findings, which reaffirm our long-standing belief that our products do not infringe the Optima patent simply as a result of their compliance with the Universal Disk Format (UDF) standard published by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA)," said Paul Norris, Sonic's Senior Vice President & General Counsel.

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