University of Arizona

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Arizona, University of,

at Tucson; land-grant and state-supported; coeducational; chartered 1885, opened 1891. Because of the proximity of Pueblo villages and rich archaeological sites, Native American archaeology and ethnology are important fields of research. The university is also involved in astronomical research, through the facilites of Steward Observatory.

University of Arizona

(body, education)
The University was founded in 1885 as a Land Grant institution with a three-fold mission of teaching, research and public service. Today, the University is one of the top 20 research universities in the nation, with a student enrollment of more than 35,000, a faculty and staff of 12,500, and a 345-acre campus.

Address: Tucson, Arizona, USA.
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It was purchased in part to support the new expansion to the University of Arizona Cancer Centre at the North Campus location, which will be completed in autumn 2017.
Carl Kitchens, University of Arizona, "Swat that Mosquito: Estimating the Decline of Malaria in Georgia 1937-1947"
On August 8th -- her 18th birthday -- Joyce received her commission as an Air Force second lieutenant during a ceremony at the University of Arizona.
org), an electronic journal available free of charge and published by the University of Arizona Library.
Today, Smith presides over the renowned Economic Science Laboratory at the University of Arizona, where he and his colleagues recently set out to study altruism--and ended up discovering something dark and disturbing about human nature instead.
Recently the results of 224 studies conducted among 8,000 participants over the past 25 years were compiled by researchers at the University of Arizona.
For example, American Indians experience visual impairments three times more frequently and hearing losses four times more frequently than the general population (Northern Arizona University & University of Arizona, 1987).
The University of Arizona has played a preeminent role in catapulting southern Arizona to the status of a world astronomy center.
Seminar Offered at The University of Arizona in Collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists
Issued And Administered By The University Of Arizona.
In response to voltages applied to those electrodes, the liquid-crystal rods rotate into new orientations, explains Guoqiang Li of the University of Arizona and a member of the development team.
Customers include: University of Arizona, University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Cuyahoga Community College, Indian River Community College and many more.

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