Unix commands

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Unix commands

Unix was developed as a command line interface in the early 1970s with a very rich command vocabulary. DOS followed more than a decade later for the IBM PC, and DOS commands migrated to Windows. Although DOS/Windows commands cover the basics, the command set was never as elaborate as Unix. Microsoft later added a more comprehensive command language for Windows (see PowerShell).

Linux and Mac Are Unix Based
Linux, as well as Mac OS X, are based on Unix and use the same command line syntax (see terminal). Unix text is generally case sensitive, which means "abC" is not the same as "ABc." DOS/Windows text is not however, and "abC" and "ABc" are equal. Following is a brief comparison of common Unix/Linux commands and their DOS/Windows counterparts.


 Change **
  directory    cd      cd

 Create **
  directory    mkdir   mkdir, md

 Remove **
  directory    rmdir   rmdir, rd

 List file
  names        ls      dir

 Copy file     cp      copy

 Delete file   rm      del

 Rename file   mv      ren

 Display file
  contents     cat     type

 Print file    lpr     print

  ** A "directory" is a folder.
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NuTCRACKER's SDK provides advanced UNIX platform interoperability components including Telnet, FTP, NFS, and X Windows, as well as the UNIX shells and over 300 UNIX commands and utilities.
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With many user preferences, this application puts a graphical user interface on some Unix commands, making it easy for the user to create compressed backups or prepare folders for mailing.
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