autonomous underwater vehicle

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autonomous underwater vehicle:

see submersiblesubmersible,
small, mobile undersea research vessel capable of functioning in the ocean depths. Development of a great variety of submersibles during the later 1950s and 1960s came about as a result of improved technology and in response to a demonstrated need for the capability
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autonomous underwater vehicle

[ȯ¦tän·ə·məs ‚ən·dər‚wȯd·ər ′vē·ə·kəl]
A crewless, untethered submersible which operates independent of direct human control. Abbreviated AUV.
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Beneath the ocean; sailors are operating unmanned undersea vehicles called littoral battle space gliders that sense water temperature and salinity.
We have unmanned undersea vehicles today we can't use the way we'd like to because they can't go far enough, fast enough and stay in the water long enough.
Virginia-Class characteristics Displacement: 7,835 tons Length: 377 feet Beam: 34 feet Payload: 40 weapons; special operations forces; unmanned undersea vehicles Weapons: Tomahawk land-attack missiles; Mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes Crew: 134 officers and enlisted men Ships of the class -- USS Virginia (SSN 774) -- USS Texas (SSN 775) -- USS Hawaii (SSN 776) -- USS North Carolina (SSN 777) -- New Hampshire (SSN 778) -- New Mexico (SSN 779) -- Missouri (SSN 780) -- California (SSN 781) -- Mississippi (SSN 782) -- Minnesota (SSN 783)
A revised "master plan," expected in about a year, will emphasize joint-service operations and interoperability between unmanned undersea vehicles and conventional ships.
The acoustic sensor suite delivers critical capabilities by providing operators with a complete undersea warfare picture that includes the search for, and detection of, potential threats such as submarines, torpedoes, mines and unmanned undersea vehicles.
The Navy International Programs Office is courting various countries to participate hi joint projects, The service is seeking more international cooperation in areas such as unmanned undersea vehicles, maritime missile defense and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) systems.
These payloads will include large unmanned undersea vehicles and off-board sensors.
The sensors would be linked to unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) and pilot-less drones (UAVs) that would fly over the battle zone.
Characteristics of the Jimmy Carter Length: 453 feet Displacement: 12,139 tons (submerged) Beam: 40 feet Speed: More than 25 knots Depth: More than 800 feet Payload: Special Operations Forces, Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS), Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missiles, Mark 48 Advanced Capability Torpedoes Crew: 151 officers and men
The use of commercial components and open systems architecture required by LHT design specifications signals the beginning of a Navy thrust to develop common architectures and technologies that have application across the spectrum of underwater systems, including torpedoes, unmanned undersea vehicles, and countermeasure systems," said Pene.
The company also is a standard-setter for untethered acoustic communications, optical imaging, and specialized software packages that provide new capabilities to existing unmanned undersea vehicles.
While ESD's primary customer is the US Navy, the company develops and builds specialized manned and unmanned undersea vehicles for military customers around the world.

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