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But can we also make some space in our collective conscience for the other victims of the Holocaust as the Nazis sought to eliminate those they deemed to be subhuman, the so-called Untermenschen, from the Third Reich?
The widespread pathology of apathy, a result of concepts like national interests, sovereignty, and nationalism, which occupies the mind of everyone against everyone, has turned a signification population of the world into Untermenschen subhuman.
The Nazi regime became Germany's unstoppable monster, animated by Adolf Hitler's ideology of Aryan supremacy, a racial theory that told the world: 'All Jews were untermenschen (subhuman).
If there was one group of doctors who paid no attention to the first principle of the Hippocratic Oath, "First, do no harm,'' it would be the doctors in the Nazi death camps who aided and abetted the murder of some 6 million Jews and other untermenschen (undesirables) during World War II.
The authors adamantly state that "the Complete Lives System does not create 'classes of Untermenschen [subhuman/ inferior people] whose lives and well being are deemed not worth spending money on.
Hitler's concept of Untermenschen did not come out of thin air; it was sanctified with ascription of difference.
In the process, the true sons of Palestinians have been rendered untermenschen with our unwitting complicity; their lives don't matter.
Conquering the eastern Lebensraum, while murdering and enslaving millions of Untermenschen in the process, was not a grand strategy but a demonic vision doomed to failure.
von dem Juden, dem Opfer, dem Tater, dem Untermenschen, dem Herrenmenschen unsoweiter, entstehen in verschiedenen Kontexten (siehe Hilsenrath, 2004:9, 30-31, 44-45, 55-56, 69; Gilman, 1996:122, 123).
Although the movie tamed the novel's radical anti-Nazi polemics by substituting non-Aryan for Jew and melodramatic romance for feminist heroism, Bottome was pleased with its embedded plea to help Britain defeat Hitler's blitzkrieg and to end the persecution of Jews and other untermenschen.
Such an attitude, of course, raises the long historical shadow of Nazism, in which Jews and others were declared untermenschen and treated as such.
Duff hasn't explained what he means by "Islamophobia promulgated by pop culture" other than his later reference to how "the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) promotes negative racial and ethnic stereotypes of all Muslims as barbaric and often sub-human, or Untermenschen.