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(Ultra Port Architecture) A high-speed interconnect between the CPU and memory from Sun. It uses a packet-switched crossbar architecture that can transfer more than 100 MBytes/sec.



a river in Tula Oblast, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Oka River of the Volga River basin. The Upa is 345 km long and drains an area of 9,510 sq km. Its course is located within the Central Russian Upland. The river describes large loops and is fed primarily by snow. High water is from late March to early May. The mean flow rate 89 km from the mouth is 40.2 cu m per sec. The Upa freezes over in late November or December (sometimes in January), and the ice breaks up in late March or April. The river is a water supply source. The cities of Sovetsk and Tula are located on the Upa. A reservoir near Sovetsk has an area of 5.7 sq km.

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The majority of patients on UPA versus a minority of patients on placebo described their menstrual/vaginal bleeding at the end of treatment course 1 as 'much better' or 'very much better,'" said Dr.
As the writers of the UPA pamphlets are in most cases not known, it is difficult to analyse authorship in any detail, although it will form part of my interpretation.
Despite the BJP's strident criticism of the United States-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation deal -- the UPA administration's signature foreign-policy triumph -- Modi's government has just ratified an India-specific "additional protocol," granting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to India's civilian nuclear sites.
The ABP NEWS - NIELSEN exit poll too suggests that the NDA will get more than 281 seats whereas the UPA will get only 97 seats.
The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has demanded the UPA government to step down alleging that it has been reduced to a minority after the DMK withdrew support but the Congress and its allies are unperturbed.
When this discussion comes in the Parliament, though there may be thousands of differences (between the UPA and the DMK on the issue), thinking about the unfavourable incidents that may emerge if this government falls at the Centre, it has been decided to support the UPA with bitterness", DMK chief M Karunanidhi said.
He expressed confidence that the Congress-led ruling UPA would bite the dust in the 2014 polls.
There have been fewer reforms in UPA II than during the life of UPA I.
The second study similarly found UPA to be non-inferior to LNG.
The UPA and HomeGrid Forum will conduct activities in the areas of:
n A plan would show land which would be retained by Mr Smith's UPA.