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(Ultra Port Architecture) A high-speed interconnect between the CPU and memory from Sun. It uses a packet-switched crossbar architecture that can transfer more than 100 MBytes/sec.



a river in Tula Oblast, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Oka River of the Volga River basin. The Upa is 345 km long and drains an area of 9,510 sq km. Its course is located within the Central Russian Upland. The river describes large loops and is fed primarily by snow. High water is from late March to early May. The mean flow rate 89 km from the mouth is 40.2 cu m per sec. The Upa freezes over in late November or December (sometimes in January), and the ice breaks up in late March or April. The river is a water supply source. The cities of Sovetsk and Tula are located on the Upa. A reservoir near Sovetsk has an area of 5.7 sq km.

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His motivation is not difficult to discern: his Bharatiya Janata Party hopes that such concessions will help it to wrest control of Maharashtra, India's main sugar-producing state, from the UPA in the upcoming state assembly election.
There has been a row over a move to remove seven UPA appointed governors since the BJP assumed power from May 26.
The Times Now- ORG exit poll predicted 148 seats for the UPA and 249 for the NDA.
UPA 2 completes 4 years in office on 22nd may, and just when the government will be releasing it's report card, the BJP, it seems has brought in Modi to counter the UPA's claims.
The PM made the statement despite knowing the fact that UPA would not have the required numbers if SP decides not to give outside support.
Shortly following its MedAptus implementation, UPA undertook a financial benefit analysis which revealed that days-to-billing decreased by over 50 percent and total charges increased by 25 percent.
Uddhav also asked Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief and federal Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav to withdraw their parties' support from the UPA government.
The actual size of the deployment may differ materially from that projected in the forward-looking statements due to risks and uncertainties that exist in the operations and business environment of parties involved in the deployment including, but not limited to: the timing and content of SoCalGas and Aclara future purchase order releases; the successful performance by Aclara, UPA and other SoCalGas suppliers of contract requirements; changes in SoCalGas' demand or financial constraints impacting SoCalGas; technical difficulties impacting the project; delivery delays or defaults impacting the project; and termination for convenience of the Aclara or UPA contracts.
Test processes, & procedures for developing coexistence and compatibility between UPA based powerline technologies and other wired technologies 3.
A recent study has revealed that more than 80% of drivers with vehicles equipped with a UPA system were very satisfied with its performance and benefits and that 90% of these respondents intend to purchase their next car with this feature.
n UPA would lease the stadium on a peppercorn rent for eight events each year.
In vivo, uPA catalytic activity can be inactivated by several inhibitors, including PAI-1, PAI-2 (4), and maspin (5).