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The presence of the Upper Cambrian in Estonia was demonstrated by Volkova (1982) and Kaljo et al.
Peter Sandstone and the Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Jordan Formation, with the Upper Cambrian Wonewoc and Mount Simon Formations gaining in importance.
Among the topics are Mississippi Valley-type mineralization and ore deposits in the bank, the Cambrian-Lower Middle Ordovician passive carbonate margin in the southern Appalachians, the development of the Lower Cambrian-Middle Ordivian carbonate platform in the North Atlantic region, Cambrian-Ordovician sedimentary rocks of Alaska, tectonic influences on sedimentation in the miogeocline of western central Utah, the Argentine precordillera as a little American carbonate bank, the Sauk megasequence from the Reelfoot Rift to southwestern Missouri, and the Upper Cambrian Gatesburg Formation of central and western Pennsylvania.
The well is operated by Talisman Energy Poland and is designed to test the deep, unconventional gas potential of the Lower Silurian, Ordovician and Upper Cambrian.
Pojeta and others (in press) have described preserved aesthete canals in the Upper Cambrian chiton Hemithecella eminensis (Stinchcomb and Darrough 1995), from Missouri.
The Upper Cambrian rock units of the Baltic palaeobasin are incomplete, both vertically and laterally (Heinsalu & Viira 1997; Mens & Pirrus 1997).
The unprovoked assault happened as the 21-year-old victim was walking along Whipcord Lane towards its junction with Upper Cambrian Road.
The black shales forming the detached, imbricated allochthonous blocks can be subdivided into those belonging to the Middle Cambrian and Upper Cambrian, with the highest grades of mineralisation occurring in the Upper Cambrian black shales.
The studied sample of Obolus apollinis originates from the locality on the right bank of the Lava River in the Leningrad district, where the rocks from the Upper Cambrian Ladoga Formation to the Middle Ordovician Kunda Stage are exposed (Fig.
At 7pm a 19-year-old woman, who was with a friend, was grabbed and assaulted as she walked along Upper Cambrian Road in Garden Lane.
The well was cased and tests through perforations were carried out in the lower and upper Cambrian and Lower Triassic zones.