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, Upsala
a city in E central Sweden: the royal headquarters in the 13th century; Gothic cathedral (the largest in Sweden) and Sweden's oldest university (1477). Pop.: 182 124 (2004 est.)



a glacier in the Patagonian Andes. Upsala is 60 km long and up to 8 km wide. With an area of 250 sq km, it is the largest glacier in the Andes. Upsala descends southward from the Southern Patagonian ice field into the northern arm of Lake Argentine.

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According to BBC, the Upsala Glacie stretches for 60 kilometers and was once the biggest in South America.
Sterling was not shared by students at the middle class Upsala High School.
More telling, Kempin at Zurich, Elisabeth van Dorp at Utrecht, and Teresa Labriola at Rome held university lectureships before they could practice law in their own countries; Elsa Eschelsson at Upsala chose a lectureship over practice.
Scotland edged Norway 3-2 to take ninth place in the European Boys' Team Championship at Upsala, Sweden.
has ordered four Coberra 6000 RB211 gas turbines, each driving a Cooper-Bessemer RFA36 pipeline centrifugal compressor, to be installed at its gas compressor stations in Kenora, Upsala, and Kapuskasing, Ontario, and in Spruce, Manitoba.
Degree in Psychology from Upsala College, East Orange, New Jersey, in 1968, he embarked on a rehabilitation oriented claim career with long term disability insurance carriers (1968-1974).
Mitjana's transcription, now bequeathed by Querol Rosso to the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, has the advantage of including with the vocal parts in original clefs their keyboard reduction in treble- and bass-clefs (Cancionero de Upsala, Madrid: Instituto de Espana).
He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Multinational Corporate Studies from Upsala College.
June led major fundraising campaigns at Upsala College (East Orange) and Heritage Plantation.
She earned her paralegal certificate from Upsala College and a title license from the State of New Jersey, where she also is a notary public.
Ce duo de charme constituera a mon humble avis le jumele le plus logique pour venir former la base de ce prix Upsala Captain, support aux Paris Quarte et Quinte et qui s'adresse aux che- vaux de 3 ans et plus trotteurs francais, n'ayant pas totalise la somme de 305.