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Soil urease activity (Table 1) increased from the flowering to fruit swelling period and then decreased.
coli was negative for the enzyme urease, the mice's gut health improved.
At the early rice main growth stages, the activities of soil urease were affected by the different long-term fertilizer managements.
The utilization of urease inhibitors, such as the NBPT present in the SuperN[R], generally reduces the initial N[H.
The urease produced by the microbial life activities was applied to a series of relevant reactions, which finally produced calcium carbonate.
Urease is sorted out from different microbes and plants.
Application of urease inhibitors with urea could increase the SPAD value of flag leaf at grain filling stage (Fig.
isolates reported from the Wellington region community population are urease positive, the urea results for all API panels used to confirm the identification of previous Yersina spp.
The experimental findings suggested that infections produced by bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori and Proteus mirabilis usually have a high urease activity.
02 ([DELTA]pH) for urease activity in soybean meal samples (Table 1), which it is under the minimum answer established by the Brazilian Compendium of Animal Feed, whose reference values for soybean meal with protein vary from 44% to 48% and for maximum urease activity is 0.