an urban-type settlement in Liuban’ Raion, Minsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Urech’e lies to the south of Minsk. The settlement has a railroad station on the Baronovichi-Mogilev line. Industry includes an alcohol plant and a resin plant. Urech’e also has a sovkhoz for the fattening of cattle.

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Prequalification are invited for Selection of the organization for the supply of goods (rolling gates) for the facility: "The device for storage of military equipment 969 Ureche (RMG production building of military unit 42715 in the village of Urechye)
Grigore Ureche wrote in Letopisetul Tarii Moldovei/ 'The Chronicle of Moldavia', that: "The Romanians living in the Hungarian Country and Ardeal and Maramures, have the same origin as the Moldavians and they all come from Rome".
20] Stefan Bucur, Vlad Ureche, Cristian Zamfir, and George Candea, "Parallel symbolic execution for automated real-world software testing," in Proc.
The Dosoftei House hovels the Department of Ancient Romanian Litterature of the Romanian Litterature Museum, where a great number of original exponents can be seen, amongst which the most ancient manuscript contains the Chronicle attributed to Grigore Ureche.
IN THE SUMMER OF 2011, A MOLDOVAN EXCHANGE STUDENT NAMED TUDOR URECHE came to the Hershey packing plant for a summer internship.
Just because of such situations, writers such as Grigore Ureche offers a priviledged position of Stephen the Great's era, which is proposed by them as a model which should be followed, mainly due to the successful wars against the Turkish, but also due to the religion proved by this "athlete of Jesus Christ" (before Stephen the Great was named like this by the Pope, Iancu de Hunedoara had been named "the only and the most powerful athlete of Christianity" by the Pope Calisto the 3th).
The championship team also consisted of Vivian Cheng, Evan Edmisten, Audrey Goldbaum, Daniel Moreh, Adriana Ureche and Michael Walker.
Uzura Sunt batran si n-am favoarea Unei vieti fara pereche; Bolile mi-au dat paloarea Stressul, floarea la ureche.
In addition to de Hass and Moreh, members of the winning team are Vivian Cheng, Evan Edmisten, Andrew Fann, Audrey Goldbaum, Jessica Lin, Adriana Ureche and Michael Walker.
Contractor address : Str Grigore Ureche, Nr 19 , Localitatea Suceava , Cod postal 720213 , Romania ,
Lui ii tiuia o ureche, iar ei ii tiuia cealalta ureche.