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a city (since 1973) and the administrative center of Uren’ Raion, Gorky Oblast, RSFSR. Uren’ is situated on the right bank of the Usta River of the Volga River basin. It has a railroad station on the Gorky-Kotel’nich line, 183 km northeast of Gorky, and it is a highway junction. The city’s factories include a timber-chemical plant, a flax-processing plant, a milk plant, a motor vehicle repair plant, a mixed feed plant, a brickyard, and a factory for the production of work clothes. Uren’ has an industrial pedagogical technicum.

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2+], up to maximum concentrations of 250mg/kg, were observed in field soils in response to both waterlogging and hot, dry weather (Sparrow and Uren 19876), and where concentrations of WS+E [Mn.
45) Tom Uren, meanwhile, seized on the policy to pledge on behalf of the ALP to overturn any non-Labor government's uranium commitments.
The Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Runner-Up (Part 2) was James Uren, who graduated with a degree in contemporary furniture and product design and won the accolade for his furniture collection.
Amo' Kicha 'Localidad situada en la orilla del rio Uren, camino a Soki, C.
Uren said that the researchers were moving quickly to find an effective inhibitor of the hedgehodg/GL1 pathway because it is so powerful in cancer development.
The business had been established in Liverpool by his grandfather, and continued by his father Harold Uren, himself a fine athlete, who had played football 50 times for Liverpool before being transferred to Everton in 1912, where he made 24 appearances and apparently impressed the young William Ralph (Dixie) Dean.
Overall this book is a valuable contribution to Australian political history; it sheds light on the transformations in the character of the Australian Left, if we want to explain the transition from Lance Sharkey to Bob Brown or from Tom Uren to Julia Gillard Basket Weavers and True Believers will be a key starting point.
Once upon a time, the job of the human resources department was all about ensuring that employees were well looked after, according to Lesley Uren, chief executive of HR consultancy Jackson Samuel.
Durante todas las epocas del ano el Tiliri es navegable con botes grandes hasta Suretka y siguiendo el Uren hasta Sipurio; la barra en la desembocadura del rio solamente es un peligro durante dos meses por ano.
John Seamons, Simon Parrott, Jason Uren, John Duckworth, from Plymouth, and Geoff West, from Lancashire, have just got back after setting off from Devon in June.
After the election, Tom Uren, as the new Federal Minister for Urban and Regional Development, took prime responsibility for the growth centre: 'long after the founding fathers had disappeared from the scene, Uren was to remain its most steadfast and doughty champion'.