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C43H51O26N Yellow pigment found in normal urine.



a dark yellow pigment in the urine; a compound formed by the biliary pigment urobilin and unknown peptides. Urochrome gives the urine its normal color. Between 0.2 and 0.9 grams of urochrome are excreted daily under normal dietary and working conditions.

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Accompanied by Mauricio Pantoja (musical director/guitar), Diego Valdes (acoustic bass), Urian Sarmiento and Marco Vinicio Oyaga (percussion), Andrea de Francisco (background vocals), and Batanga (horns), Giraldo moves through eleven original scores full of intriguing yet passive melodies in the outer borders of the pop/folk kingdom of Latin American music.
Chapter one focuses on the Puritans' contribution, taking a close look at Cotton Mather's elegy on Harvard president Urian Oakes, and in so doing invokes "the authority of classical and biblical precedents" (35).
Among his distinctions, he has won 16 Palanca Awards in five genres (entering the Palanca Hall of Fame in 2000); five Cultural Center of the Philippines awards for playwriting; and Famas, Urian, Star and Catholic Film awards and citations for his screenplays.
Relevant book-length studies of Jewish-Arab relations in Israeli literature include Gila Ramras-Rauch, The Arab in Israeli Literature (Bloomington: Indiana University press, 1989), which discusses Hebrew works by authors from the pre-State period through the 1980s; Dan Urian, The Arab in Israeli Drama and Theatre, trans.
Leigh Torres, Dave Johnston, Danielle Waples, and Kim Urian provided invaluable assistance with this study.
2005) Un suflet pentru Europa: dimensiunea religioas' a unui proiect politic, Editura Anastasia, Preda Radu, "Cultura dialogului sau despre o alt' rela]ie Biseric'--stat", in Cristian B-dili--, Tudorel Urian, Nostalgia Europei.
As one Urian Oakes put it, describing the Puritan Commonwealth as an existentially secure cosmion that foreshadowed the plenitude of the Parousia, "the design of our founders and the frame of things laid by them [made] the interest of righteousness in the commonwealth and holiness in the Church .
AWARDS: Cinemanila actress and Netpac prizes; FAP actress award; 4 Gawad Urian awards, including actress and picture
personnel include Chad Tumminello (drummer), Urian Perez (bass), Ivan Perez (percussion), Luis Perez (congas), Paul Frometa (guitar), Doris Rios (vocals), and Vicky Pesce (vocals).
19) See Dan Urian, "The Image of the Arab on the Israeli Stage," in Theater in Israel, ed.
Elegy on the Reverend Thomas Shepard by Urian Oakes, one of the finest poems written in America during this era, was published.
His assistant, Kim Urian, reaches into a blue cooler and takes out a bound notebook with "Environmental conditions" scribbled on the cover.