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URSA MAJOR is named after the constellation, as the corridor has almost the same shape.
Under the Ursa Major flag, the operation had run into all kinds of trouble.
Ursa Major is now likely to take his chance in either the English or Irish St Leger on his next start.
The minimalization and persistent interruption of the images permitted us to see the screen as an object, trembling with projected light, under the night sky as the moon rose and set, and as the septet of Ursa Major, under which the screen stood, imperceptibly swung a giant arc.
In this novel of search and "research"--the latter is a chapter title--he gives us such disparate names as Barry Manilow, Doris Day, Apasmara (an Indian deity), Schubert, the Hanged Man, Jasper Johns, Ursa Major.
The farthest quasar, in the constellation Ursa Major, is roughly 13,000,000,000 light years away.
Trainer Conrad Allen was left red-faced at the Surrey fixture after winning the feature race with Ursa Major.
Made up of seven bright stars, it's part of the Constellation Ursa Major (or Great Bear).
The Sheperds Friendly Society, founded on Christmas Day 171 years ago, has bought three stars in the constellation of Ursa Major (the Great Bear).
But when it's not operating in Ursa Major, ``The Edge's'' pleasures are minor key: the aptly named cinematographer Donald L.
Names of Stars Distance in Ursa Major from Earth Merak 78 light years Dubhe 105 light years Alioth 490 light years Mizar 88 light years Alkaid 210 light years Phad 90 light years