United States Merchant Marine Academy

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United States Merchant Marine Academy,

at Kings Point, N.Y.; for the training of merchant marine officers; established 1936, opened 1943. The academy became coeducational in 1974. Candidates must be between the ages of 17 and 22, be nominated for candidacy by their U.S. Representative or Senator, and pass a competitive examination. The four-year course, emphasizing maritime and naval specialties, includes tours of service aboard a merchant vessel. Midshipmen receive free tuition and room and board, as well as a monthly stipend for books, uniforms, and personal expenses. Upon graduation they receive a commission in the naval reserve as well as a merchant marine license.
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Following the competition, the house was transported back to New York, rebuilt, and donated to the USMMA.
The IMO model courses developed at USMMA (with India), and standards of training developed by the MTSA Section 109 Committee, served as the foundation for discussion of the security working group that was formed to address maritime security training issues.
The Computer Aided Operations Research Facility was installed at the USMMA in 1975.
The USMMA is the crown jewel of my Congressional District because of the tradition of service and professionalism of its midshipmen and this institution, said U.
Texas Rare Earths and Stans Energy represent a growing number of domestic and international companies dedicated to providing a secure source of rare earth materials to support the United States rare earth magnet industry," said USMMA President Ed Richardson.
USMMA applauds Senator Murkowski for her leadership on this issue and urges the Senate to move quickly on considering this bill.
WASHINGTON -- Earlier today, USMMA President Ed Richardson testified as an expert witness before the U.
The USMMA lauds the leadership of Representative Mike Coffman (CO-6), whose amendment recognizes current supply-chain vulnerabilities, focuses the Department of Defense on establishing an inventory of required materials, and encourages domestic manufacturing in this critical area.
Text of the Myth-Fact paper and more information on the USMMA can be found at http://www.
Since its founding in 2006, USMMA has worked to support the needs of the domestic high performance magnet industry, including work to reestablish competitive domestic rare earths mineral production, processing, refining, purification, and metals production industries to support the growth of green job technology and manufacturing as well as the nation's defense industry.
In contrast to the American Physical Society and Materials Research Society study, USMMA asserts: