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an urban-type settlement and the administrative center of Ten’kinskii Raion, Magadan Oblast, RSFSR. Ust’Omchug is located on a highway, 271 km northwest of Magadan. The settlement has an ore-dressing combine, a repair shop for mining equipment, a logging and timber distribution establishment, and a poultry-raising sovkhoz.

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These planes replaced An-28 on routes to Omsukchan, Seimchan and Susuman, will be used for the restoration of flights to Ust-Omchug and Omchak.
Located in the Tenkinskiy District of the Magadan Region, about 130 kilometers (km) from the Ust-Omchug, the Natalka deposit was initially discovered in 1942.
Address : The Russian Federation, 686050, Magadan, Tenkin district, Ust-Omchug n miner, 70