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a distinguished music teacher, conductor, or musician


A northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer, in the Adriatic, most frequently on the western shore; it is also found on the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia.


(1) (Maestro NT) An earlier name for scheduling software for Windows NT from Tivoli Systems, Inc. When IBM acquired Tivoli in 1996, the program was renamed IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.

(2) (Budget Maestro) Business planning and analysis software for Windows from Centage Corporation, Natick, MA ( Centage purchased this flagship product from Planet Corporation in 2002 and made it the centerpiece of its turnkey financial management solutions.

(3) (NFS Maestro Gateway) Software from Hummingbird Connectivity, a division of Open Text Corporation, Toronto, Ontario ( that lets Windows clients access files on Unix servers via NFS.
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Those visiting the display at National Art Gallery, are proud to have this collection with them today but still the art lovers seem waiting for update of Ustad Allah Bakshs works.
When contacted, Patel admitted that he had spoken to the Ustad.
Al Ustad, who asserted that he was expressing his own view, criticised the declaration that the US is willing and ready to use its position as the lone superpower in the world to intervene - or invade - militarily whenever it believes its national security is threatened, without taking into account national security of other countries.
Ustad Khursheed Alam also known as Gohar Qalam is a professor at National College of Arts (NCA).
I wish they were allowed to add at least another 50 names to the list," the ustad said.
On the other hand, Ustad Khalid Anwar Jaan, born in Jalandhar, spent most of his childhood in Jhansi and Mumbai before migrating to Lahore on the eve of Indian Independence.
Other notable participants were prominent Bharat Natyam exponent Guru Saroj Vidyanathan, musician Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, and violinist, Minoti Khound.
For those not entirely tuned into Hindustani classical music, the great Ustad was the Bengali multi- instrumentalist and composer who migrated to Maihar in Madhya Pradesh around 1918 to be the court musician of the local maharaja and made this tiny town his home.
Ustad Shahadat Hossain Khan started the evening raga Raga Jhinjoti.
ISLAMABAD -- One of the great maestros in classical music, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, will be remembered on his 12th death anniversary being observed on 11th July (Thursday).
8 (ANI): Sangeet Natak Akademi Chairman Ram Niwas Mirdha will present the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for the year 2008 on Thursday (September 10).
MUSCAT -- The embassy of Bangladesh is organising a classical music concert by Ustad Shahadat Hossain Khan today at 7.