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an urban-type settlement in Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR, under the jurisdiction of the Gremiachinsk city soviet. Us’va has a railroad station on the Solikamsk-Chusovoi line, 22 km northwest of Gremiachinsk. Wood products are manufactured in the settlement, and hard coal is mined nearby.



a river in Perm’ Oblast; a right tributary of the Chusovaia River of the Kama River basin. The Us’va is 266 km long and drains an area of 6,170 sq km. The river rises in the Central Urals and flows southwest. It is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 87 km from the mouth is 30.8 cu m per sec. The Us’va freezes over in November, and the ice breaks up in late April or early May. The river is used for timber flotation. The Vil’va River is a left tributary of the Us’va. The city of Chusovoi is situated at the confluence of the Us’va with the Chusovaia River.

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