Utah Lake

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Utah Lake,

c.145 sq mi (380 sq km), N central Utah; largest freshwater lake in the state. It drains through the Jordan River to the Great Salt Lake. Utah Lake is what remains of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville. The ProvoProvo,
river, c.70 mi (110 km) long, rising in the Uinta Mts., NE Utah, and flowing SW past Provo to Utah Lake. It was early used for irrigation, but after Utah Lake was badly depleted in the 1930s, the Bureau of Reclamation rehabilitated the old irrigation installations and
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 River project and the Strawberry valley projectStrawberry valley project,
N central Utah, developed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for irrigating lands S of Utah Lake; constructed 1906–13. The water of Strawberry River and its tributaries is carried by a tunnel through the Wasatch Range to a tributary of the Spanish
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 irrigate the region. Bird and waterfowl preserves are there, as is Utah Lake Park.
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In mid-2016, it was hard to find a local--or national--news outlet that hadn't reported on the toxic algae problem at Utah Lake.
She added that there have been such lakebed duststorms in the past but if Utah Lake dries out, it will be very close to people and have a much higher impact.
Caption: The Tetra Sail from the University of Utah is prepared for a test cruise on a Utah lake.
The goal of the study on the waters of Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake is to determine how to predict outbreaks before they happen, said Christopher Shope, a research hydrologist with the U.
This pilot project will use new technology to measure the distribution, occurrence, and concentration of nutrients in Gilbert Bay of the Great Salt Lake and throughout Utah Lake.
The charges, filed in October, came after a federal investigation into an online video that surfaced last year and appeared to show a paraglider near Utah Lake kicking a soaring owl and boasting about it.
Situated at the base of three mountain ranges, Utah Lake is an essential water source for high-elevation communities.
According to the company, the massive 1,700 acre, master-planned Geneva community on the shores of Utah Lake expects to add 7,500 new residential homes and 11m square feet of office, industrial and retail space.
The tourist maps compared the Great Salt Lake to the Dead Sea, connected by the Jordan River to a modern Sea of Galilee called Utah Lake.
As Lake Bonneville receded, it left a number of smaller lakes--including the Great Salt Lake and the freshwater Utah Lake.
High mortality rates among lagomorphs may have forced deer flies to seek alternate hosts, specifically muskrats, which are associated with type B strains and have been linked to outbreaks among trappers at Utah Lake (3).
When the parkway trail is completed, riders will roll 50 paved miles between Provo's Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake.

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