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symbol for the element ununoctiumununoctium
, artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Uuo; at. no. 118. Scientists from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California collaborated in the discovery of ununoctium in
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The temptation may arise to translate both words as vilkinis Uuo or vilkUunis in Lithuanian and [phrase omitted] in Russian.
Lithuanian vilkUunis is a compound derived from vilkas + Uuo (English wolf + dog).
The Contemporary Dictionary of lithuanian language defines vilkUunis as vilkinis Uuo (DLKA 2016), thus retaining the ambiguity as it is not clear whether vilkinis Uuo (which can be translated literally as a wolfish dog) refers to a dog who has a wolf among its ancestors or to a dog which simply has some external features which may be attributed to a wolf (coat colour, general appearance, et cetera).
In the UUO model, 14 consecutive days of ECE treatment improved UUO-induced renal damage and attenuated histopathological alterations and interstitial fibrosis.
Various models have been examined to understand the pathogenesis of interstitial fibrosis, including nephrectomy, radiation, nephrotoxic agent, and UUO models (Yang et al.
In UUO group, the ureter was permanently ligated using 9-0 silk sutures at the pyeloureteric junction.
To determine the role of SHP-2 in renal fibrosis, SHP-2 [sup]flox/flox Cre [sup]+/− and SHP-2 [sup]flox/flox Cre[sup]−/− mice were subjected to UUO surgery and sham-operation, respectively.
A clearance period with 2 h duration at 1-3 h following the release of UUO was taken to collect urine from each kidney in a separate pre-weighed container under 30 mm paraffin.
As shown in table 1, the average of each plasma variable and mean arterial pressure (MAP) during whole 1-3 h after release of 24-h UUO in the control group were not statistically different from those of the sham group at the equivalent period, except for the higher concentration of plasma creatinine.
Previous studies have shown that UUO lasting more than 96 hours in rats led to an intense infiltration of inflammatory cells in the renal interstitium.
Mice were randomized into six groups with 10 mice in each group as follows: (1) Sham group; (2) Model group (UUO): (3) UUO mice receiving 25 mg/kg of PF: (4) UUO mice receiving 50 mg/kg of PF; (5) UUO mice receiving 100 mg/kg of PF; and (6) UUO mice receiving 50 mg/kg of losartan.
The expressions of TGF-[beta]1, BMP-7, Snaill, PAI-1, collagen I and collagen III mRNA in kidney tissues were assessed by RT-PCR at day 7 after UUO operation.