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44 data compression capability, which typically improves data compression by some 20% to 60% over the V.
Holtz claimed to hold a prior patent on the internationally-accepted V.
44 technique typically improves data compression between 20 and 60 percent beyond the existing V.
From these earlier decisions, the district court has found in favor of Conexant, dismissing all claims by Holtz and Omni Dimensional Networks for patent infringement of v.
2 Kbps throughput rates for DOS and UNIX users utilizing ITU-T V.
It's compatible with the Hayes AT command set, Group 3 fax standard, MNP 2 and 4 error correction, and V.
Nasdaq:CNXT) Monday announced that it has won the alleged v.
Supporting even the most sophisticated high speed data communication needs, the modem operates at up to 56 Kbps, and combines MNP5 and V.
This pocket faxmodem's small size, long battery life, 2400 bps data capability with V.