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Furthermore, their Quick Connect feature reduces connection time to get online faster while V.
6, 1998--Culminating weeks of preparation, VersaNET Communications announces the "Hassle-Free Upgrade" plan to the V.
The ITU has decided on a majority of the technical specifications for 56Kbps and will announce the number designation of V.
VersaNET Communications is in the final stages of V.
NASDAQ:ASND) announced today that it supports the declaration of consensus on a 56Kbps modem standard -- called V.
In the near future, Series 56 modems, based on Rockwell's K56Flex technology, will be upgraded via the new V.
Based on DSP modem technology, the model 5399 is software upgradeable to the eventual V.
The incorporation of the VoCAL technique into the upcoming V.