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Vaasa were posing no threat whatsoever - unlike Lowndes, who flashed a vicious angled volley wide of the target in the 31st minute.
That would be great for us all, especially our fans because we had a great support in Vaasa.
The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it has decided to raise any objections to Finland's planned support of infrastructure investments in Vaasa regional airport.
Rose-Marie a graduate of Helsinki University and a pharmacist in Vaasa, Finland, immigrating to Worcester, in 1967, where she was a quality control pharmacist at Astra Pharmaceutical Products for 17 years.
They were confident that the job would be finished in Perth, particularly as Vaasa arrived in Scotland without the keeper who defied Saints in the first game.
Weir is well aware that Vaasa still present a real threat, and will be just as determined to put their club on the map by reaching the next round.
Celtic will win and so should St Johnstone, who dominated their first leg versus VPS Vaasa and would have won by a wide margin but for poor finishing and last-ditch defending.
But now Kimmo's in charge of the FC Vaasa side that comes to Perth on Thursday night on a mission to dump St.
St Johnstone make the trip to take on Finnish outfit VPA Vaasa in the UEFA Cup on Thursday for their first venture into Europe for 29 years.
In Finland, the Helsinki plant has been closed and its operations transferred in their entirety, mainly to Lohja and Vaasa, during August.
Vaasa city road marking works on march 14, 2018-31 august 2018 in accordance with the tender specifications.
The drives are part of an extensive modernisation project, carried out by Finnish Vaasa Engineering (VEO), in which a newsprint paper machine is being converted for production of light weight coated paper (LWC).