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(1) See MP3 VBR and Vouch By Reference.

(2) (Variable Bit Rate) A channel that alters its transmission speed based on changing conditions.

(3) (Variable Bit Rate) A service level in an ATM network. Real-time VBR (rt-VBR) provides minimal delays for interactive voice and video. Non-real-time VBR (nrt-VBR) is used for bursty business transactions. See ATM.

(4) (Volume Boot Record) See boot sector.
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A VBR tem trabalhado desde o ano 2000 com a metodologia dos grupos de melhoria continua (GMCs), segundo Kapferer e Breton (2009).
Combining X-Core Mini VBR and Archon Reconstruction plate provides another example of defining the components necessary to properly address an unmet market need.
In addition, the X-Core Mini VBR is intended to be used with supplemental fixation cleared by the US FDA for use in the cervical spine and must be used with supplemental fixation cleared by the US FDA for use in the cervical spine.
First, did 125%-constrained VBR produce better quality than CBR, and second, were all three 1920 iterations necessary?
How physicians and health systems can achieve success in a VBR model
A model for controlled VBR video traffic reflecting different properties of video traffic related to the content, encoder, and rate controller is proposed in [10].
VBR compressed video and audio traffic have been receiving considerable attention due to their compression algorithms that can transmit with high rate during the high activity and with low rate during the less activity, as shown in Fig.
A VBR indica que sao os recursos e as capacidades diferenciadas que uma firma possui que lhes garantem a sustentacao de vantagens competitivas.
Recently, in Abu Dhabi, his Excellency, Gerard Michels, Dutch Ambassador to the UAE hosted the official launch of VBR Turbine Partners Middle East at his residence.