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And when you get into deployments around the 100-site number, a fully meshed configuration is not feasible (a 100-site VPN would require 4,950 tunnels).
Most customers looking to add or expand VPN deployments will almost certainly have a unique mixture of existing CPE devices.
Configuring a single IPSec tunnel is not a problem, but the time required to bring up a multi-site VPN increases dramatically as the size of the network grows.
The next generation telecommuting solution eliminates the complexity of a VPN but maintains all of the benefits, and includes remote control features and functionality.
Unlike with a VPN, users can access and control their host computer from any Internet-connected computer without having special software installed; the main advantage: simplicity.
In evaluating VPN systems, speed is only part of the story.
It's easy to get VPN traffic into your network because it's aimed at the VPN gateway.
If the VPN system is outside the firewall, then the firewall cannot differentiate between encrypted and unencrypted traffic--since it's all decrypted before the firewall sees it.
SoftRemote Mobile provides the most robust client-to-client and client-to-gateway VPN authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity using the latest IPSec encryption and authentication standards.
Intuitive wizards allow administrators to customize and mass distribute policy configurations to VPN clients without any user involvement.
Check Point SecureXL is a software interface that enables Check Point to leverage technologies from multiple silicon, appliance and computer system partners to accelerate the performance of firewall and VPN gateways by off-loading simple, though computationally intensive functions to third-party packet processors.
17 Gbps of encrypted traffic throughput for IPSec VPN realized on a reference platform