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A video file format from Google that is one of the native formats in HTML5. Based on a Matroska profile, WebM was introduced in 2010 with support for the VP8 video and Ogg Vorbis audio codecs. In 2013, VP9 video and Opus audio were added. See Matroska, Ogg Vorbis and HTML5. For the still image counterpart, see WebP.

VP8 Video Codec
WebM acts as a container for the VP8 and VP9 open source compression methods. Originally from On2 Technologies, VP8 was turned into a royalty-free product after Google acquired the company in 2010.

While maintaining visual quality, VP8 can deeply compress video; for example, a raw 323MB SD file can be compressed to 1.9MB, and it can be decoded in low-power platforms such as smartphones and tablets. See On2.

VP9 and VP10
Introduced in 2013, VP9 uses more sophisticated compression methods than VP8, somewhat similar to HEVC (H.265), and it supports parallel processing. VP9 features a 64x64 pixel "superblock" that can be subdivided into smaller blocks for compression.

Expected in 2017, VP10 was designed to reduce 4K transmission in half. See HEVC.
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Like the VPX system, the interchangeable 18-Volt Fire Storm battery and charger are sold separately ($39.
Additionally, Behlman's entry into the VPX market is an especially significant business initiative as this market is specifically designed for defense applications, an integral part of our business.
CommAgility said its new application is its first board in the rugged VPX form factor and will be available as either conduction cooled or air cooled versions.
Provision of these extensive I/O capabilities delivers significant flexibility in an off-the-shelf system, while high performance is assured by the combination of a powerful Intel[R] Core[TM] i7 processor and VPX technology.
The Model 8264 extends the family of SPARK development systems that also includes the Model 8267 3U VPX and the Model 8266 PC development systems giving customers a choice that meets their needs.
May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Asis, a leading designer and manufacturer of enclosures and backplanes for ATCA, mTCA, VPX, CompactPCI, and custom applications, introduces its true 100G backplane technology, featuring ERNI's new ZD Pro connectors in a Dual-Dual Star, and Full-mesh architecture.
Solutions in the Citrix NetScaler range provide for throughputs of 10Mb/s for the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance up to a 5Gb/s throughput for the NetScaler MPX hardware appliance, with the appliances provided under the terms of Citrix' Pay-as-you-Grow licensing model, which allows customers to purchase a fully-featured security appliances that meets their near term requirements while offering them the assurance that the solution can be scaled to meet additional requirements with a simple license upgrade, according to Citrix.
Citrix Systems announced the availability of the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance and unveiled the Citrix Ready Open Networking Program to support it.
The SBC625, XCR15 and XVR15 - designed for 6U VPX, CompactPCI[R] and VME systems respectively - are available in five build levels, from benign (air cooled) to fully rugged (conduction cooled).
Orion focuses predominately on the design and development of high-performance Intel and PowerPC-based compact PCI, VPX, PMC, VME, custom form factor products.
With their exceptional resistance to thermal shock and mechanical shock and vibration, the 6U VME C111 and 6U VPX C112 SBCs are ideal for use in high-end commercial, rugged industrial and defense applications where board performance and costs can be uniquely tailored to the application.