VR headset

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VR headset

(Virtual Reality headset) A head-worn apparatus that completely covers the eyes for an immersive 3D experience. Also called "VR goggles," VR headsets may be entirely self-contained such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. They are costly and must be tethered to a very robust computer to handle the animation. Considerably less expensive units require the user's smartphone to be strapped onto the device.

Whether within the goggles or relying on the smartphone, VR headsets use some combination of accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and proximity sensor to detect the user's motion. See AR headset, AR/VR headset, virtual reality, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

Oculus Rift and Touch
The Oculus Rift is self-contained but needs a computer to function. Using two Oculus Touch controllers, this gamer is immersed in a 3D game on the Oculus Rift. (Image courtesy of Oculus VR, LLC, www.oculus.com)

Use Your Smartphone
There are numerous VR goggles that provide the lenses but require the user's smartphone such as this Gear VR (see Samsung Gear VR).

VR on a Budget
Google developed a VR app and designed a headset for third parties to make out of cardboard. See Google Cardboard.

Becoming Mainstream
Very popular among gaming aficionados, virtual reality is still in its infancy compared to what developers have in store over the next several years. In 2018, Best Buy showcased several VR headsets in its stores.
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The Snapdragon 845 mobile VR headset will also work with popular VR platforms like Google Daydream, Oculus and HTC Vive.
Sony is well-positioned to build an early lead in the high-end VR headset race," market researcher IHS Technology said in a report, forecasting sales of 1.
In addition to its multiple monitor functionality, and ability to give users individual control of the size and placement of each Windows application, it also allows for a mixed reality view (with the use of a web cam) so users are able to view their hands, keyboard and mouse while in a VR headset.
Freefly VR: This VR headset, too, is made of plastic, but looks better than most others.
The ZEISS VR ONE is the premium open platform VR headset on the market.
The Electronic Industries Association conducts technology awareness studies and has discovered that consumers are more likely to be aware of intriguing VR headset products, which have been almost nonexistent in the marketplace, than they are of the settop boxes present in the homes of almost 70 percent.
Using a VR headset and a hand-held device that "feels" the attraction between atoms, biochemists, could reach out and manipulate giant, simulated cancer-cell molecules.
18 until March 3, PS4 owners will be able to buy the PS VR headset bundle for just $199.
We saw standalone VR headsets as well as the most premium VR headset from HTC.
VR headset and the large install base of PS4 is likely to see it retain this
Today, 4K and virtual reality are mostly limited to high-end handsets like Samsung's Galaxy S7, which allows users to hook up to a VR headset to roam virtual worlds.