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dataPOWER(r) VSF is a highly-optimized query interface to PDF's dataPOWER database, custom-developed, semiconductor-specific visualizations and native Spotfire(r) visualizations that enable semiconductor customers to perform rapid-fire "what if" analysis of their manufacturing data.
This will help build Jiujiang City to be one of the important national production bases of VSF and make Jiangxi Province a major province in the textile industry of China, thereby contributing to the industrial development of Jiangxi Province.
Tyrime dalyvavo 31 MRU VSF imtyniu rinktines (sambo, dziudo, laisvuju ir graikuromenu imtyniu) narys, kuriu amziaus vidurkis--22 [+ or -] 2,1 metu, sportine patirtis--4 [+ or -] 2,4 metu.
For us in the Aditya Birla Group, VSF is a core business.
Currently, Computer Associates International, BMC Software, ISM, Candle Corporation, Compuware, Isogon, and now Information Builders have endorsed VSF, providing asset management flexibility to common clients.
It is also the fourth largest producers of VSF and stands sixth in acrylic staple fibre production globally.
Unity state director for dissarmament, George Gatloi Koang told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday that SSDR in collaboration with NGO's witnessed VSF handover of 30 goats to six children who were reunited with their family last year in Rubkotna county.
This is driven by a global cotton shortage (moving textile spinners from cotton to polyester), strong demand in emerging markets and supply shortages in some key raw materials for the manufacturing of PSF and VSF," said Wim Warnier, CEO for VITA's Nonwoven Division.
VSF), and is one of the development platforms used by the VSF that won the 2014 Emmy[sup.
With this in mind, the Augmented Reality for e-labora project, implemented by VSF and the APROCOR Foundation and supported by theSpanish Government through the Avanza 2 Plan (TSI-040500-2010-85), seeks to develop a new paradigm of accessible work environments.